UK Religious Leader Denounces Israel for Vicious, Indigeneous Idea


Tehran, March 6 – Rabbi Ahron Cohen, leader of Britain’s Jewish Community, Neturei Karta, denounced Israel for holding vicious, indigenous perception against Palestinians.

He told IRNA on the sidelines of `International Conference in Support of Palestine, the Symbol of Resistance, Gaza, the Victim of crime,? that Zionism is different from Judaism.

He denounced Israeli violence against Palestinians and said that occupation of the Palestinian territory runs counter to the International Law and that religion does not allow bloodshed of innocent people what Israel is doing every day.

He said that religion is Godly, compassionate way of life and has nothing to do with the Israeli regime which holds vicious indigenous perception against Palestinians.

“Israel should give up just like the South African apartheid regime.”

He said that the Jewish religious leaders pray for the possibly peaceful dismantling of the Zionist regime.


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