Germany Interested in Developing RI’s Geothermal Potentials


Jakarta, March 10 – Germany is interested in investing in the geothermal business sector in Indonesia, German Minister of Economics of the State of Baden-Wurttemberg Ernest Pfister said.

“We see that Indonesia has a big geothermal potential,” the German minister said after leading a German delegation at a meeting with Indonesian Minister of Industry Fahmi Idris at the Industry Ministry’s here on Tuesday.

Pfister said that Germany was keenly interested in investing in geothermal business because Germany had the technology needed to develop geothermal energy potentials.

In the meantime, Industry Minister Fahmi Idris said he welcomed the German intention. “I would like to say that Indonesia is very open to investment,” he said.

But Indonesia-Germany cooperation could not yet be realized as there was no Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Indonesia and the European Union.

“I proposed to them that they should consult with the German foreign minister and the chairman of the European Union in order to follow up the talks between Indonesia and Germany,” the minister said.

He said that Indonesia would open itself wide, particularly to the German investors who were willing to invest and develop power energy using geothermal as a raw material.

(source ANTARA)


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