Palestinian Legislators Thank Indonesian Parliament


Jakarta, March 11 – Deputy House Speaker of Palestine DR Dr Ahmed Bahar expressed gratitude to the Indonesian Parliament for supporting Palestine’s struggle against the Israeli occupation.

Bahar met Indonesian House Speaker Agung Laksono at the Parliament Building here on Tuesday.

In the meeting, Bahar who was accompanied by four Palestinian legislators, asked Indonesia to support a call for a stop of Israeli embargo in the Gaza Strip.

Bahar told Laksono that the Israeli military aggression had destroyed the Parliament building in Gaza.

The Israeli bombings also destroyed around 20,000 buildings, killed some 400 people and injured 5000 others, especially children and women, he said.

According to the Palestinian legislators, 40 Palestinian members of parliament, including House Speaker Abdul Azis Duwaik, are still being detained by Israel.

He urged Indonesia’s help for the release of the Palestinian legislators from Israeli prisoners.

Agung Laksono told his Palestinian guests that the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) would continuously support the Palestinian s’s struggle for independence.

DPR has a parliamentarian caucus on Palestine to give advices on Palestinian issues to the Indonesian legislators, he said.

The Indonesian Parliament would always remind the government to support Palestine’s struggle, he said.

(source ANTARA)


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