Three Gaza Policemen Hurt in Israel Raid: Medics


GAZA CITY, March 11, 2009 – Israeli aircraft on Tuesday carried out a raid in the Gaza Strip, wounding three Hamas policemen, after militants fired rockets against southern Israel, witnesses and medics said.

The raid targetted a group of militants who fled shortly after firing the rockets, they said.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the strike against a group who had fired two rockets. One of the projectiles damaged a fence at a kibbutz collective farm and another fell into an open space, a spokesman said earlier.

It was the latest violence to shake tenuous ceasefires that Israel and Hamas announced on January 18 ending a devastating 22-day war by the Jewish state on the impoverished territory.

Both Israel and Gaza militants have violated the ceasefires since, with gunmen firing rockets and the army carrying out sometimes deadly air raids.

Egypt has been brokering talks to bolster the ceasefires into a long-term truce, but so far no agreement has been reached.

(source ANTARA/AFP)


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