Hamas Opposes Firing Rockets on Israel for Now


Gaza City, March 13 – Hamas spoke out on Thursday against firing rockets from Gaza into arch-enemy Israel for now and vowed to pursue those who do.

The statements come as Israel and the Islamist movement ruling Gaza conduct Egypt-brokered talks on a durable truce and on a prisoner exchange.

“The resistance movements have nothing to do with the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip” in recent days, the Hamas-controlled interior ministry said.

“These firings come at a bad time,” a statement added, vowing to “act against those responsible.”

On Sunday a leader of the Islamic Jihad group told AFP that 10 members of the group had been detained by Hamas and made to sign an agreement not to fire on Israel.

Egypt is brokering talks to turn into a durable truce the mutual ceasefires Hamas and Israel declared on January 18 to end a devastating 22-day war in Gaza and to exchange Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier seized by Gaza militants in June 2006, for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

(source ANTARA/AFP)


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