Welfare and Justice Opposes Postponement of Legislative Polls


Bojonegoro, East Java, March 25 – Hidayat Nurwahid, a PKS (Welfare and Justice Party) leader, has expressed disagreement with calls for the postponement of the 2009 legislative elections scheduled for April 9.

“PKS’ consideration is clear, if it is postponed everything will become unclear, and then what is to happen with Indonesia,” Nurwahid said at PKS campaign rally here Wednesday.

A postponement of the legislative election would also affect other agendas, including the presidential election scheduled for July 8 this year, said Nurwahid who is also chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR).
He said a postponement of the upcoming general elections would cause a power vacuum as then the country have no president, vice president and legislators, he said.

“If the legislative elections are postponed, the country could plunge into chaos,” he said.

The controversy concerning permanent voters’ lists (DPTs) suspected of having been manipulated must be solved properly, he said.

The upcoming elections’ logistics problems must also be dealt with immediately so that the polls could be conducted as scheduled, he said.

Meanwhile, Jafar Tri Kuswahyono of the PKS East Java branch said he would crosscheck the DPTs in the province. However, he regretted that there was a local KPU (General Elections Commission) which refused to show the voters’ list to PKS.

(source ANTARA)


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