Justice and Welfare Party Expects to See Yudhoyono – Nurwahid Pair for Presidential Election


Depok, March 29 (ANTARA) – Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is expected to team up with Hidayat Nurwahid as an ideal pair to participate in the upcoming presidential election, because both have the three qualifications expected of a leader.

“Therefore, we will propose to the executive board of Justice and Welfare Party to accept a SBY-Nurwahid duo in the presidential election in July, 2009,” the Chairman of the West Sumatra regional executive board of PKS, Budiman, said here on Sunday.

According to him, the first of the three qualifications is the demand from the people at grass roots level.

The second, the two national figures are calm and careful in taking decisions and ideal for five years of leadership. In addition, the two figures – the incumbent President and Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly – had an impressive good track record, he added.

Besides, the two were also known as firmly opposed to corruption and no conflict had ever come between the two. “They are also seen as humble and simple as expected by the community and are also close to the people,” he said.

The third, according to Budiman, is that the two leaders never had any problem which eventually ended in a controversy.

Therefore, the two leaders may be able to work as a team to participate in the presidential election, he said.

Therefore, the two leaders may be able to work as a team to participate in the presidential election, Budiman said.

In the meantime, PKS President Tifatul Sembiring reaffirmed that that his cadres expected to coalesce more with the Democrats Party than Golkar party or PDI-P (the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle).

In his political oration in Bandung on Sunday, Tifatul asked his party’s cadres whether they were expected to coalesce with Golkar or PDIP. But spontaneously they waived their hands signifying “no…”

When Tifatul asked them to coalesce with the Democrats Party, the party’s cadres and sympathizers present during his political oration raised their thumbs symbolizing their agreement to it.

He admitted that coalition was still new and constituted preliminary talks which would be continued with follow up talks after the implementation of the legislative general election on April 9, 2009.

“Three days ago, Chairman of the PKS Advisory Board Hilmi Aminuddin also met with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Cikeas,” Tifatul said.

During the meeting, they talked about coalition, but no any agreement was made as both side still had to see the results of the legislative general election.

However, Tifatul admitted that the talks with Yudhoyono center more details of coalition. “Later, the coalition will be determined by the advisory board meeting which has 39 members from 33 provinces,”

PKS has many cadres capable of occupying the vice presidential post, but the name of Hidayat Nur Wahid was in the highest rank on the basis of the survey.

The strong intention of PKS to coalesce with the Democrats Party could also be seen from an open campaign conducted by this party in Bandung on Sunday which was marked with the socialization of the party’s planned coalition with the Democrats Party, thus supporting the re-election of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Hilmi Aminudin in his political oration also raised a question on the attitude of the PKS supporters in Bandung and people in general in West Java on the planned coalition with the Democrats Party.

The question was spontaneously answered enthusiastically by the party’s sympathizers “Agree….”.

On the occasion, Hilmi saw as necessary to ask PKS cadres on the planned coalition with the Democrats Party and support to Yudhoyono.

“Aspirations of PKS residents in Bandung will be brought to the party’s advisory board meeting for further discussion. The decision will be made in the session of the party,” he said.

According to him, the support of PKS residents for the planned coalition would not change, so the decision to be taken will be really the voice of the party down to the grass roots level.

Again Tifatul Sembering called on the people to choose clean and professional legislative candidates who care for their fate in the upcoming elections and the reason why PKS wanted to support Yudhoyono was because this incumbent president was seen as being clean figure and having a strong commitment to combat corruption.

“Please choose clean pair who reject corruption because they fear Allah SWT (God) and not human beings,” he said in his campaign speech before.

He said PKS had succeeded in creating clean and professional human resources. “PKS is anti-corruption. Fortunately, no PKS cadre in the House of Representatives has been arrested by the Corruption Eradicaton Commission (KPK).”

Tifatul further stressed that PKS is anti-corruption, anti-tyranny and did not like to see all kinds of legal violations go unpunished. “These are not only pledges that should be met.”

“Four PKS members in the House’s Commission VI have returned gratification money or gifts amounting to Rp2.3 billion. That proves that PKS cadres are really anti corruption which may bring losses to the state,” he said.

After the PKS legislators returned the gratification money and gifts, the KPK investigated other legislators who failed to return the money. After a probe was launched, some legislators were then captured by KPK for having betrayed the trust of the Indonesian people.

PKS as a political organization was ready to bring changes to the people’s welfare, he said.

To this end, it was time for the people to choose clean legislative candidates who upheld anti corruption principles and cared for the fate of the indigent segments of the community and who were professionals in implementing their tasks.

“The issue of change is no longer a problem of individuals but the problem of the Indonesian people and therefore the people are urged to choose clean candidates,” Tifatul said.

By Eliswan Azly

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