Tifatul Asks Justice and Welfare Party Cadres to Push for Change


Jakarta, March 30 – Justice and Welfare Party (PKS) president Tifatul Sembiring in a campaign rally here on Monday asked the party’s cadres across to country to push for change toward improvement in the country’s conditions.

“Let us make change for the better in our beloved Unitary State of of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI),” Tifatul said before thousands of PKS supporters and sympathizers attending the campaign rally at Gelora Bung Karno sport stadium here on Monday.

He said PKS cadres who enjoyed Islam-based education should fight hard for change for the better in Indonesia.
Tifatul said Indonesia should become a just and prosperous country with anti-corruption, collusion, and nepotism state officials who cared for the people.

Therefore, he called on the party’s cadres and supporters to use their right to vote in the upcoming legislative election on April 9, 2009.

“Do not follow the abstainers’ group (Golput) because if you do so, the people with bad mental attitude will be elected as legislative members and national leaders,” Tifatul said.

He added bad politicians had been part of the national leadership long enough.

“Legislators in the next parliament should mot repeat the mistakes of their predecessors, and not get involved in corruption, nepotism, collusion, love affairs, and power abuse,” the PKS president said.

(source ANTARA)

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