Developing Countries Fighting for Fair Trade in G20 Summit


London, April 1 – Developing countries are fighting for a fairer trade in the G20 summit, an Indonesian minister said.

“Countries grouped in G20 still trust the World Trade Organization (WTO) in developing a fairer trade,” Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu said here on Wednesday.

However, leaders of the G20 will produce a joint statement to support a fairer trade that would benefit all countries in the world.

Mari said that at least there would be four things that would be contained in the political commitment of the G20 leaders.

“The leaders are requested to declare a political commitment on four matters in trade issues,” she said.

The trade minister said that among the issues was how to make protectionist issue not to punish developing countries unfairly.

“The problem is not whether or not the WTO rules are violated. It should be understood that the developing countries have no fund so that they would not use subsidy as a weapon to protect domestic products but a trade instrument,” she said.

The other thing that became the commitment of the G20 leaders is the continuation of the Doha round of trade talks. There should be trade financing and special assistance for the increasing developing countries’ capacities so that they could continue with trading.

“It includes port upgrading, improving customs excise and trade facilities. Aid for trade must have a target. So. how many billions the developed nations have to contribute to the developing nations,” the trade minister said.

(source ANTARA)

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