Man Dies During G20 Summit Protests in London


London, April 2 – A man taking part in the G20 summit demonstration on Wednesday was found dead after collapsing at a protest camp near the Bank of England in central London, Sky News reported on Wednesday, quoting police sources. No further details were given as to the circumstances of the man’s death. But a Sky news reporter said it appeared that the man had collapsed before having any contact with him.

Earlier in the evening, a Metropolitan Police release said that a total of 32 people were arrested after protesters smashed windows of the Royal Bank of Scotland and clashed with police.

Thousands of people gathered outside Bank of England, Royal Exchange and Royal Bank of Scotland in the financial center of London and set up camp there to express their anger at the ” irresponsible,” “reckless” fat-cat bankers who pocket fat bonuses even when banks were plunged into difficulty.

Tons of sand were dumped for children to launch their “sand protest” as campaigners spread out tents and sleeping bags to show there concerns about climate change.

On the eve of the G20 summit, environmentalists, anti- capitalism as well anti-war activists were joined by anarchists to stage an “unprecedented” scale of protest aimed at paralyzing London.

The protest was quite peaceful in the first three hours when the streets became a party ground with protesters dancing, singing, walking around with their slogans.

However, when police started to ring in the protesters not allowing them out or in, some started to smash windows.

Earlier Simon O’Brien, commander of the Metropolitan Police said the London G20 summit has attracted “significant and unprecedented protest” from different quarters.

“This (G20) is the biggest, most challenging and complicated police operation,” said Simon O’Brien, commander of the Metropolitan Police at a press briefing here on Monday afternoon.

Despite the challenges, O’Brien assured the public: “We have the most experienced police officers in charge who are well- rehearsed in tactics,” adding the Met Police deal with 4,500 similar demonstrations every year.

“We’re up to the operation and up for the operation,” he added.

(source ANTARA/Xinhua-OANA)


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