New Book on Palestine Launched in Surabaya


Surabaya, East Java, April 8 – Suripto, a legislative candidate of the Welfare and Justice Party (PKS) launched a book titled “Letters from Palestine’s Best Friends : There is still hope for us” here on Wednesday.

Suripto launched the book in his capacity as chairman of the National Commission for the Palestinian People (KNRP).
He said the book contained a compilation of writings by some Palestinian children about the conditions of their country and their hopes as well as dreams about Palestine.

“The idea of publishing this book came from students of As-Salam Islamic boarding school in Solo, who asked me about the conditions of Palestinian children. I promised them a report,” he said.

As the KNRP chairman, he and his team visited the Rafah border area in the Gaza Strip in January 2009 to observe the conditions of the Palestinian people.

“Our team contacted several Palestinian children and asked them to write letters expressing their feelings. The team also brought donation funds totaling US$22 million,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zulidyana, a member of the book launching organizing committee, said that a part of the profit from the book sales would be contributed to children in Palestine.

Some 5,000 copies of the book have been printed, he said.

(source ANTARA)

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