PKS Superior in Vote Tally in Tokyo


Tokyo, Apr 9 – Welfare and Justice Party (PKS) for the time being managed to collect most of the votesin the vote counting at the polling station in Tokyo with 41 percent of the total number of 200 ballots.

ANTARA in Tokyo reported here Thursday night that PKS was followed by the Demokrats Party (27 percent, Gerindra (7.2 percent), Golkar party (7.2 percent), and the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) with 5.5 percent, while PDS and PAN collected 2.2 percent of the votes each.

To make it easier for Indonesians in Japan to monitor the voting process at the polling stations, the vote counting is also carried out online.

Right now Indonesians in Tokyo and environs could easily monitor and follow the vote counting although they are so far away from the polling stations.

The counting of the ballots online could be easily followd by access to

As Japanese business companies and universities remained open on Thursday while Indonesia is impleneting its legislative general election worldwide, many Indonesians could not exercise their voting right.

(source ANTARA)


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