PKS Member Proposes SBY-Hidayat Pair in Upcoming Presidential Election


Jakarta, Apr 20 – A member of the Walfare Justice Party (PKS) faction in the House of Representatives Agus Purnomo said PKS wanted its cadres to get an opportunity to become vice president to accompany Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. “If PKS, Yogyakarta chapter, desires the SBY-Hidayat pair to contest in the presidential election,” he said at the parliamentary building here on Monday.

Agus Purnomo said that there was a strong tendency from within the PKS to coalesce with the Democratic Party. “But personally, I am of the opinion that it is free to be an opposition in parliament.”

He said that at the time the government increased the price of fuel oil as a government support, PKS was also affected by the impact. At present, the popularity of PKS had also declined. “Our acceptability had once dropped 10 percent following our approval of the planned fuel price hike.”

If the intention to coalesce with the Democratic Party could not materialize, according to Agus Purnomo, PKS should be ready to stay away from government circles. “I think PKS is ready to be outside of the government.”

He also said that the choice to be an opposition is also interesting as the party will be free to play its role as a political force.

If PKS could not join the coalition with the Democratic Party, it could stay away from the government as an opposition in parliament or garner more support to establish another presidential and vice presidential pair, he said.

“There has been a discourse from Islam based parties, but the discourse never reached the party’s elite,” he said.

According to him, Islam-based parties will give more support to forward presidential and vice presidential pair.

“But that’s my personal opinion, if PKS coalesces with the Democratic Party, I will respect such decision,” he said.

(source ANTARA)

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